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Noh Theatre, Japan - Dec, 2022

Wind Art Festival, Germany - Aug, 2023

Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival - Sep, 2023

Cassandra’s Field of Flowers

This is a durational installation performance that integrates contemporary dance and digital technology.

Inspired by Noh, a traditional Japanese performance from the 12th century, delves into the theme of Life and Death through diverse expressions. In this piece, we developed AR filters that embody life and death, and that can be superimposed on any scenario at any moment by the viewers. By employing these filters, the viewers can engage in the performance by constructing their own narratives based on their own perception of the performance, and expand it into the unseen realm beyond the stage.

Direction, Choreography, Performance, Sound design: Tomo Sone
AR art, Video art: Akane
Costume Shahar: Avnet
Mask: Damselfrau

Director of photography, Lighting design: Sou Matsuzawa
Lighting design: Haruki Kusuda
Photography (Video): Ryuhei Hata
Photography: Yoshikazu Inoue
Production: Tomo Sone Dance Projects

Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan “ARTS for the future! 2”
Kyoto City ”Arts Aid Kyoto”

Official Selection

Venice Experimental Video and Performing Art Festival 2023 Italy
Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello – Venice, May 19.
Fringe Festival Edinburgh
From August 02 – 26
Dance Camera Istanbul 2023
From September 22 – October 2, 2023. Dance Camera Istanbul is a unique screen dance festival based in Istanbul, Turkey, that features choreography for the camera, experimental short films that emphasize movement design, and dance documentaries.
Light Moves Festival 2023
From 9 – 12 November 2023 in Limerick City, Ireland. Featuring vibrant encounters bridging dance, digital, and screen-based practices.

Tomo Sone

Tomo Sone is an independent choreographer, performer, and producer born in Kyoto, Japan.

Interdisciplinary activities often inspire her work. In the past few years, she collaborated in her works with artists from different fields, and she was invited to participate in interdisciplinary residency programs such as Hospitalfield (UK), 40+08 Art Marathon (Israel), and AADK Spain (Spain).

Her body of work is often based on human relationships, presence, and inner struggles. Her interest is focused mainly on the relationship between humans and their circumstances in life and how people react to the events surrounding them.
Her works are presented by Suzanne Dellal Center (Israel), Gdansk Dance Festival
(Poland), Kyoto Art Center (Japan), and the National Arts Festival by the Ministry of Culture in Japan (Japan), among others. Additionally, she was a finalist in the international solo contest at the Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de la Ciudad de México in 2020 (Mexico).


Akane is a visual artist with a background in motion graphics. She draws upon her experience in video games production to explore expansive virtual worlds, reimagining different human evolutionary narratives.

The endless possibilities of the multiverse, parallel and intersecting timelines, and our relationship with technology are central themes in her work. After some time in the commercial graphics industry, her work was featured in a number of European art publications and in art galleries in Bristol, Venice, Lecce and Rome. She utilises AR technology to create immersive and personalised art experiences that transform passive art viewers into active participants. She collaborates on multidisciplinary projects that combine music, visual arts, choreography and interactive new technologies to bring new experiences to art audiences. 

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