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Welcome to Akane‘s Art Lab!

I'm a Japanese artist based in London with a background in motion graphics. In my work, I like to explore the intersection of new media and surrealism, drawing inspiration from Eastern philosophy, mythology, and space-time concepts. I also collaborate with dancers, creating an innovative way of interacting with performing arts. My works have been showcased in magazines and exhibited internationally.

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"We have a saying in Japan which goes 'Ichigo Ichie,' derived from Buddhist philosophy, meaning 'An encounter that may only happen once in a lifetime. Hence the importance of cherishing meetings.' Since you've arrived at my site, I want to keep this encounter alive."
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On my Youtube channel, I cover the topics on Eastern philosophy and the themes that inspire my art.​
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Online Artsy Show

I'm taking a part in 'The Resilience Online Artsy Show' with 33contemporary, happening from May 1st to 31st, 2024 on Artsy

I'll be exhibiting my work at Insider // Outsider : PsychArt x Mad Hearts 2024 at Queen Mary University London on 7th June

Loupe Art

My artwork is streamed in high resolution across Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Samsung TV Plus, LG Channels, on Loupe’s platform throughout May 2024.

ART for LIFE NFT Collection in Helsinki

My work will be exhibited and put on an auction through a Spatial platform at XR Center in Helsinki on 29th May

AR Performance

This Installation-performance which fuses contemporary dance and digital technology has collected 8 offical selections.

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