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About me

I'm Akane, a Japanese artist in the UK, crafting digital art that weaves past and future with a touch of surrealism. Inspired by mythology, traditional Japanese art, and the vastness of space and time, my work merges classical elements with a contemporary, surreal approach.

My passion for world mythology is not just an interest, but a journey that has led me to explore ancient ruins worldwide, enriching my art with each experience. In my creations, I strive to blend these diverse influences, creating a surreal space where ancient traditions and modern ideas coexist, offering new perspectives.

Having exhibited my work in the US, UK, Italy, and Japan, as well as virtual galleries, has been incredibly rewarding. My art, featured in various magazines, aims to bridge different worlds, combining multiple ideas and styles into something that challenges and inspires. Each piece is a step in my ongoing journey of exploration, connection, and expression in the surreal tapestry of art.ika

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