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kintsugi genesis

In the heart of digital expression lies the "Kintsugi Genesis Series," a heartfelt homage to the imperfect. It’s a collection where fragmented human silhouettes are bound by golden strokes, echoing the Kintsugi technique of accentuating flaws with precious metals.

Each artwork, a digital canvas, tells a silent story of acceptance, urging us to see the fragmented as whole and the broken as beautiful. This series crafts a visual symphony of resilience, symbolizing life's inherent imperfections with grace.

It challenges the pursuit of flawlessness, encouraging a profound appreciation for the cracks and crevices that map our lives, and celebrates the golden healing that makes us whole again.


Exploring the beauty of imperfection and the depth of renewal, I've woven together the essence of my Kintsugi Genesis Series to birth a new art narrative: "Yobitusgi".

Yobitsugi refers to a unique technique in which fragments from various materials are seamlessly combined to create a novel piece of art. This "Yobitsugi series" are crafted by merging elements from my previous Kintsugi series.​

Kintsugi Rebirth

The Kintsugi Series is an evolution of my initial Kintsugi Genesis project, more closely aligned with the traditional essence of Kintsugi. This ancient Japanese art form, dating back to the 16th century, employs a meticulous technique for repairing broken tea bowls, transforming imperfections into a testament of resilience and beauty.

Unlike my other Kintsugi series, this artwork intentionally remains incomplete. After printing, it will be purposefully torn and then mended with gold powder, so that it will become imperfect. Although this is part of an open edition, each piece will have distinct characteristics. This approach is used to reflect the individuality and unique traits of different people, suggesting that while it comes from the same artwork, each one is special in its own way.

ar functionality

"The Watcher" in Genesis Series is an innovative piece of digital art that blends the physical with the ethereal through augmented reality (AR). When viewed through Snapchat AR filters, the artwork transitions from a static portrait into a captivating display of fluid motion, symbolizing the endless flow of time and the seamless transition between different states of being. The concept behind "The Watcher" is to challenge the viewer's perception of reality, encouraging a deeper contemplation of the unseen forces that shape our existence and consciousness.

At its heart, "The Watcher" represents the eternal observer within us all, the part of our consciousness that remains unchanged despite the constant flux of the physical world. Through the AR filter, the portrait becomes a living entity, its form shifting and evolving in real-time, illustrating the dynamic nature of the universe and the fluidity of identity. This interactive experience invites viewers to reflect on the boundaries between the seen and the unseen, the tangible and the intangible, and the physical and the metaphysical.

"The Watcher" is not just an artwork but a gateway to a world where the boundaries of reality are reimagined, offering a glimpse into the infinite possibilities that lie beyond the conventional limits of perception.

The Watcher#0 Asleep fluid

The Watcher#0 Awaken f luid

The Watcher#1 fluid

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