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  • AR Powered Performance
AR Powered Performance

AR Powered Performance

Collaborated with Tomo Sone, a prominent Japanese choreographer to presnt this durational installation - performance attempts to fuse contemporary dance with digital technology, AR, in a traditional Japanese Noh theater, where the audience spins their own story by using AR. It is a work that makes us think about the reality, the unreality, the unknown, and the invisible world that spread outside the theater and considers the situation in which human beings are placed.



May 2023


Perticipating in BORDERS ART FAIR in Venice.


July 2022

Interview with Overly

Interview with Overly an AR app developer.


Featured in Marvelous Artists Book December 2021 Issue.

Past Exhibitions

Perticipating in Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival in Venice.

Collaborated wtih BSP , a painter singer to deliver an immersive audio/visual performance, showcasing how audio and image interaction can transform the concert experience into a sense blending experience.

May - September 2022

Chosen as the One to Watch by Rossocinabro Gallery.

May 2022

Exhibited my AR powered digital print at Soho House, a membership club in Rome.

August 2022

Group Exhibition at m.a.d.s VR Gallery.

Exhibited abstract videos at Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival in Venice.

March 2022

Exhibited my digital print t Identity Revolution in Lecce.

Exhibited my digital print at Canvas International Art Fair 2022 in Venice.

November 2021

Selected as the artst of the month.

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